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Welcome to our bakery.

We are a vegetarian organic bakery in South Devon, committed to producing healthy and delicious free-from foods.

Please explore our interactive website where you'll discover many hidden gems and glean an insight into how we produce a fantastic range of organic products. Our handmade pies, cakes, flapjacks and hand prepared meals use fresh and imaginative ingredients inspired by culinary traditions from around the globe. Enjoy exploring our healthy world. Read the full story here.

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Our bakery

This is where all the magic happens. We have a small dedicated team who work tirelessly to ensure that every Clive´s product tastes fantastic and is baked to perfection. Everyone is trained to a very high level and take real pride in their work. Take a look through the window and see our team in action.

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Clive's Pies


We are a veggie, organic and gluten free bakery in South Devon, producing delicious #freefrom foods #glutenfree. Twit us, we like chatting... http://www.clivespies.co.uk

Clive’s media

Clive’ Pies are destined for stardom and have been featured on Westcountry TV. Click on the TV to watch our three minute film.

Not so recently one of our fans wrote a song about us. It’s a fantastic tribute to Clive’s roots in Devon and can be heard by clicking “play” on the tape player. If you know the creative chap who wrote this song please get in touch.

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Your questions

The law states that if a weight is given on the packaging, it is an offence to sell a product that falls below this weight.  As a small producer, we don't have the resources to weigh each individual pie we make - most of our products are sold fresh so time is of the essence.  (A large food manufacturer would not have this problem as machinery is used to produce the products and the production lines would have in-built weight checkers.)

 Our pies weigh an average of 235g

We would love to stop using palm oil, and are continually on the look out for an alternative to palm fat. As a vegan food producer, our options are very limited... We need a hard fat that can be grated but without using animal fats as traditionally used in pastry. We also do not want to use hydrogenated fats because of the associated health issues.

The palm fat we use is organic and from sustainable farming practices in Colombia (where the governments are actually working with the farmers to plant food products rather than illegal crops).

Please be reassured that we're looking for an alternative to palm oil. Last year we employed a specialist to 'make' a cooking fat that could be frozen and used to make pastry. Sadly when this pastry warmed up it was unmanageable and could not be used.

Sadly no, but you can buy online from one of our online retailers:




All our Clive's products are ready to eat hot or cold. Many people prefer to heat their treat so the easiest way to do this is to pop the pie in a hot oven for 15-20 minutes and enjoy!

Defrost the pie in the fridge overnight, then re-heat for 15-20 minutes, or if you don't have time to defrost it, pop the frozen pie into the oven for 25-30 minutes at 160 degrees.

It will be absolutely perfect for up to 3 months, but if it is at the end of its shelf life, we would recommend just 1 month.

Unfortunately, pastry doesn't microwave very well, so we wouldn't recommend microwaving our pasties or pies, but many people find them just as delicious cold.

Yes, we could arrange this for you. Please call us on 01364 642279 to explore this further.

Yes, it may be possible, so please call Sally on 01364 642279.

Absolutely! And they taste just as delicious!!

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Where to buy

Fresh and frozen Clive's Pies are sold in health food shops, fine retailers and organic shops across the country. Check-out your local shops, and even if they don’t stock them, they are normally very willing to place a special order from one of our wholesalers (see ‘Sell our products). If you can’t find them, please get in touch. Don’t forget, you can also buy our delicious products online and have them delivered direct to your door!

Buying Online
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Sell our products

If you like our products, then your customers will too, so why not become a stockist?

If you’re in the South West we may be able to make a weekly delivery to you, so please call Sally on 01364 642279. If you’re a bit further afield, our Clive’s goodies are available from quality wholesalers, both fresh and frozen, as follows.

Frozen Products
  • Goodness Foods
    01327 706611
  • Queenswood Natural Foods
    01278 423440
  • The Health Store
    01159 767204
  • Suma Wholefoods
    01422 313840
  • Pallas Foods (Ireland)
    +353 [0]69 20200
Fresh Products
  • Marigold Health Foods
    0207 388 4515
  • Buckfast Organic Bakery
    01364 642279
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Contact us

Responding to suggestions and advice from our customers is something we take very seriously and we'd love to hear what your thoughts are on any of our products or services. If you would like to get in touch please use the form below or pick up the phone. Alternatively you can always write us a nice letter for us to read on our break!

  • Clive’s Pies
    Buckfast Organic Bakery
    Hamlyn House, Mardle Way
    TQ11 0NR
  • 01364 642279
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